394 days left

I’ve been away a long time!  I’ve been thinking about writing a little again, every so often. Mostly, I’m too busy either at work or at the gym or driving between the two, or eating.

I eat a lot.  The biggest change I’ve made is to eat more. I’ve gone from eating about 1200 calories a day to eating about 2400.  I actually don’t know how many calories I eat!  I only track my macros. I shoot for 150 g of protein, 60 g of fat, and 185 g of carbs.  I track on MyFitnessPal, but any tracker or even a notepad will do.

I’ve lost about 30lbs so far. Most of the weight loss has been within the last year. I’ve had so many false starts, gone down so many blind alleys, and been super discouraged along the way. In other words, I’m completely human. I’m not an Instagram chick, nor do I have a monitized YouTube channel.

About a year ago, I watched Sarah Robles in the Olympics, and thought, hey I’d like to try the Olympic lifts (a.k.a. “Weightlifting”, as opposed to the power lifts used in powerlifting). I tend to get ideas in my head and just go for it. This does not always work out as well as I hope.

Weightlifting is HARD. Like, really technically hard. I think I’m probably one of the stronger lifters in my new gym, but I snatch and clean very little. It’s been a year of developing greater joint flexibility, and developing the confidence to grab the bar and toss it up over my head like a boss. I’m not there yet.

I’ve continued doing the power moves, the deadlift and bench. And of course, since weightlifting involves a lot of squatting in the catch position, I do a LOT of squats. My squat is full depth now, last year this time I was not yet squatting to meet-level depth (which is not full ass-to-grass depth actually). So, although I’m at about the same weight I’m squatting MUCH lower so that’s a big win.

I should mention that, at my gym, I’m the oldest person by a long ways. The next oldest lifter that I see regularly is almost 20 years younger than me. I admit, it can be tough walking through that door. I can outlift almost all the other women though, and if you take into account age difference, I’m outlifting everyone I think. In a meet, I’d get a 30% bump on my lifts, so my deadlift is currently 125kg*1.3=163kg*2.2=357lbs. I think I’ll be improving on that in the next few months though.



Day 63 of 1188

The WABDL meet was last weekend. I’ll write up a full data dump later, but for now I will just say that I set a state record in the deadlift, and a world record in push-pull. I had a great weekend!

Capture IMG_0213

Day 49 of 1188

Last night we practiced competition style, with pretend judges and everything. I learned that, when I pause at the bottom, I cannot bench press 95. I am more like 92.  So in the meet, I’ll start at 80 or so (it’s in kilos where I am used to pounds, it will be about 80 but not exactly). I will move up to 88 then maybe try a little higher.

For deads, I will do whatever Justin says to do. Kathy and I are his star pupils, I know he’s really looking forward to this. I want to do well for both our trainers. It makes them look good for their bosses.

Just focusing on eating clean. No wine with dinner (boo!) until after the meet. No dieting either. And no more heavy lifts. Just hangin’, restin’, and waitin’.11880372_10200980563353659_7103758113177074035_n

Day 42 of 1188

Today is a rest day. I find I need several rest days after 1RP deadlift day, particularly after a new PR. I’m not sure if this is mental or physical. I did sleep a little late Saturday morning, then after I got home from some errands I took a 2+ hour nap. With the cat. Sunday morning I slept late! I feel much more alive today (Monday) though.

Food today so far: oatmeal and 1.5 eggs for brekkies, salad with chicken for lunch.

The bench and deadlift competition is in 2.5 weeks.

This is Ping the Border Collie and DC (Ditch Cat) snuggling after our Saturday nap. They adore each other. Ping is laying on top of the cat, and DC is loving it.


Day 37 of 1188

Tuesday was a new PR for me on bench press: 101 lbs. Yay finally made it to three digits! I am really improving with form, etc. Those numbers should continue to go up.

Tonight is Dia de los Deadlifts. PR night. I am already nervous. I was super nervous last night as I was telling myself I should hi 285 tonight. Then I got really worried about it. It’s so easy to pysch yourself out. So I just said, hey, let’s just try to hit the previous PR of 272 and not worry about anything until then. Then I can just decide if I want another 5 at that point.

Stomach’s a little fluttery though.